Between, Time Space and Scale

Observation Tools

Between Time Space and Scale Is a Conceptual Testing Ground of the Present Time With a Glimpse Into the Future. The Mirror Serves as a Tool, It Changes Rigid Views and Habitual Perspectives. Through the Mirror, Space Is Not Only Mirrored but Expanded, Opening up New Possibilities Such as a New Composition. We Confront Ourselves and Our Surroundings and Constantly Question Our Position and Decisions Anew.

Between Time, Space and Scale is a planetary observation investigating space, dimension and the relationship between humans and habitat. It is made up of selected fragments and quotes of a journey taken around our world in which design should serve as a fundamental conceptual tool for changing ways of life and territory. By changing perspectives and points of view, we can break up habitual ways of seeing and choose new perspectives. 
Architecture is a product of life that must be able to transform with the needs of people and their environment. New spaces are necessary. If we assume that space is not just Haitian space on earth, alternatives are opening up on the planet. It shows that thinking can be infinite. Everything is imaginable.

The view of the earth from outside changed our perspective fundamentally. It opened our eyes to the fact that the earth is a unique, limited home that we share. Until then, we had only focused on the city and the world around us from below, and our perspective was directed towards the ground. But then something unexpected happened. One day we lifted our heads and saw all the space around us. At that moment we realised that master plans do not exist only in black and white. We began to make new plans that saw our world in a completely new light.

We reflect ourselves in the world and the world reflects us. It is a distorted image. Therefore, we decided to change the perspectives. We turn the world upside down and use this space in between as a point of contact with the earth. Since then, we no longer rely only on our eye, but let all our senses guide us. We move in this space between us, we exist in it. It is the whole space, not just the skin of the earth. Our gaze goes out into the world.