How can manifestations of global influences on local environments be seen and how can these be modelled? How is it possible to develop and communicate scenarios on the basis of this knowledge? How can strategies be implemented?

is a concept about the resources of Planet Earth in relation to the human scale of consumption and how to adjust existing habits to get them in sync. This concept focuses on a real paradigm shift. The vision behind it is to take up less space, use resources efficiently and make needs accessible in smaller radii in order to create a sustainable and harmonious living space.

The challenge is not only to minimise the human footprint, but also to promote synergies between communities. The game promotes the idea that by working together and sharing resources in smaller, localised communities, positive change can be brought about. This is where the "Space Scanner" comes into play, a tool that allows available space and resources to be effectively catalogued and analysed.

This concept is a platform for a growing community that is committed to sustainable development and a more conscious approach to our environment. The focus is not just on virtual reality, but on concrete steps to improve the quality of life in Berlin-Brandenburg and beyond.

The key lies in a collective change of consciousness that encourages us to fundamentally rethink the way we live and manage our resources. This geo-game is not just an entertainment concept, but a movement that calls for us to work together to create a more sustainable and harmonious future.